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Originally Posted by Birdy1
My god, remember when we used to stick sellotape over the stamps , then rub off the postmark when recieved and use the same jiffy bag for our sends over and over again until the bag fell to bits? - lmao! - I think Royal Mail wised up to that little scam though didnt it?
The 3M scotch tape always used to be best for that. The matt finish wasn't as visible.

But Royal Mail certainly did get wise to it. They started slapping huge warning notices on my parcels, threatening me with nasty fines and knocking on the door asking for excess postage charges. Cue mass phone-calls to contacts......

Mind you, I was sending/receving a lot of packages, so I must have stood out like a sore thumb. Had something like 70 odd contacts at the height of my mail trading days. Pity my poor, overworked copy slave

Used to love seeing all those parcels on the floor. Was even better if the postie gave you a chunk of them done up with elastic bands. Long letters from foreign contacts were always a real highlight too.

Having said that, the mail-trading was one of the first things to fall by the wayside when I reduced my scene activity (I probably still owe a stack of people disks to this very day). Having a modem (2400! Woooh!) didn't exactly help this either.

Shame there isn't a 'taped stamps' blag you can use for bandwidth.....

Yeah, the scene was cool. Certainly something that could never be repeated. At least not in the same way. I mean what on earth would be the point of mail-trading now that we have the lovely Internet? And I wonder how many people would be so willing to pick up the phone now that we have Email?

@MM - I think that thread died a bit of a death. I'd be up for a small get together. All depends on the date and location really.

Maybe best to colonise a pub somewhere for an afternoon/evening/night?

@Mods - Any chance of getting the 1 off of Birdy's username? He's the original article so should, in all fairness, have his original scene-name.

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