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Originally Posted by Ironclaw
NfernalNfluence, many games are config dependent... many games get some sort of graphic glitch when using wrong settings.... so if you stumble on a game with gfx glitches, it doesn't have to be a faulty version.

Like, I played Dune 1 yesterday, when the worm animation in the intro played, it got a gfx distortion line passing through it in the duration of approx 5 frames... I tried 2 more settings, and the error was still there... so I tried low spec config, like a slow amiga 500 and the glitch were gone. I knew from the beginning that this glitch was config based, but I first wanted to find the fastest speed related settings without having gfx glitches..... you know, like smooth animations, fast loading times, which a real 500 doesn't have. Well, I now have the perfect config for dune, smooth animations, fast loading times, no distortions.

I'm sensitive and want nothing but perfectness... an example is lemonamiga's intros.... their dune intro runs way too fast, they must have used an enhanced 1200 or something..... you only get to see the dune logo for about a split second before the next screen appears.... on a real miggy 500 the logo could be there for 3 secs before the next scene.
ok i see what you are saying, if i stumble on a config that remedies the glitch i will note it. if i do, of course, it will be a config other than what is expected for a perfectly emulated A500
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