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Hi Mungo - we certainly were contacts. My god, remember when we used to stick sellotape over the stamps , then rub off the postmark when recieved and use the same jiffy bag for our sends over and over again until the bag fell to bits? - lmao! - I think Royal Mail wised up to that little scam though didnt it?

Its nice to see the old names coming back on the scene, like equinoxe, and the ones that never went away such as paradox, fairlight and the rest. DAXX does some awesome remixes of Amiga demo tunes as well which keeps me happy.

At the end of the day though Mungo, and i guess you'd agree, the scene in our day was cool. It kept us all off the streets for a start, gave us something to be artistic in , competitive in and above all was bloody fun!.

Miss those days!......... sighs - he he

P.S - if anyone out there has an ADF of an Ipec Elite Slideshow called Visions of Soliloquy (the slideshow itself not the intro) that was released in 1991 please pm me - thanks
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