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I'm a moron !!!

Thanks for all your help everyone (some PM'ed me too).

Idiots guide to IRC (written by a IRC idiot!!):

Download MIRC and connect to server NewNet (a random server or one you choose).

Close the channels list (you know where you wanna go)

Type /join #emuchina

admin spammer addition ;)
/join #amigatronic

Then you can chat to people her OR download some ADF's.

Type !list for a list of DCC file servers running.

It should say something like "Trigger: !GetFiles". So to access that server type !GetFiles. A new window should open once you click confirmation box.

Then you are browsing the file server so using dos-type dir/cd commands find the files you want.

Then type get to queue your file. You can only queue a certain amount of files - to see your place in the queue type "queues".

Once you have filled your queue and/or chosen what you want then you should EXIT the DCC (you don't have to stay in like I was trying!). So type exit.

Eventually you should hit #1 in the queue and a message should be sent to you telling you that someone is trying to send you a file. This can be set to auto-answer.

Hope this helps, I have written this from my brief 1 hour exposure to MIRC/IRC/DCC so there are probably easier/quicker ways of doing things.

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