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Amiga and MAMEDevs...

This news is a bit old now but thought I'd post it anyway

Quite of few of the MAMEDevs love the Amiga

Taken from The Guru's ROM Dump News website:

Originally Posted by TheGuru
I also got a new baby.... bought from a local friend (Hi John!)

My friend's wife was very, very happy to see it all go, especially the big stack of software that he threw in for free. I wonder why?????? Everybody loves the Amiga right?:-D

The machine is/was a 4000/EC030, but inside is a GVP T-Rex II 68060/50 w/128MB RAM, A2386SX Bridgeboard, Ariadne II network card and a 2.5" 800MB IDE HDD. The monitor is an NEC Multi Sync II.

In front is a Quicknet 2000 network card and A2091 SCSI controller with 1GB Connor CFP1080S HDD.

I've been playing around for a few days and I now have it booting OS3.9 from a 4GB Compact Flash card via a CF-IDE adapter. Works pretty well!

I'm looking for a few Amiga-related things, like an RTG card (Picasso IV anyone?), A2320 Flicker Fixer, A4091 SCSI controller and other things.

If you have any fruity Amiga bits for sale, let me know :-)
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