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I'm currently doing some research and wrote a tool to start whdload games from cd32 (because Fisken Uno tried to rewok the CD-444 for whdloadcd32).

The approach using RAD and reboot is suboptimal IMO.

Better would be the following:
  • StartTool is located in startup-sequence
  • provides a buffer and starts the menu-system
  • menu-system fills the buffer with program to start and ends
  • StartTool starts the game
  • if the game returns (for games with exit like whdload) it starts the menu-system again
the menu-system must properly free all memory and ressources

  • only some hundred bytes for the StartTool will stay resident in memory instead the RAD
  • no reboots required

I could write the StartTool, that is not much code, but the menu-system must be compatible too.
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