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Originally Posted by Muzkat
A couple more things - not to be a negative nit picker, just to add more constructive comments, because you really have done such a fantastic job!

Pushing up to enter a door can sometimes be abit finicky - it's like you have to find the right place to stand before the character goes through the door.

The vases in World 2 don't make the chinking noises when they hit they floor, and the guardian doesn't make that metallic screeching sound when he is hit.
That's the spirit: constructive citicizm.

About the doors, you're right, I'll fix this.
About the chinking noises, that's right as well, but haven't you noticed that none of the items are supposed to make noises and don't?

ok, back to level 2. Snakes are done. The thieves will give me a hard time for sure
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