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Hi Birdy! I think we used to be contacts. I recall more than one conversation discussing the wonderful music of New Order. Shame about the last album.....

The stuff people are doing with the PC now is amazing. Great to see that people are still bothered. Even better to see the continuity from the old Amiga scene with groups like Rebels and Fairlight still going strong.

I recall it being very difficult trying to enlarge a small group. It was a risky process. Do you stay small and respected? Or expand and risk recruiting shitheads who'd ruin your good name? Any group could find members, the challenge was getting good ones. We made a few mistakes along the way (Anyone remember Zarchy? ), but it was a rare group indeed who didn't.

Anthrox made the first steps by swallowing a couple of groups of similar size and going from there. We also did pretty well out of the collapse of THR (TDK, Ride and Yobbo).

I had to fight hand-over-fist to get certain members in. I remember having to promise the earth to Yobbo, Retaliator and Thrash and then really crossing my fingers that we'd, somehow, be able to deliver!

Once you had an excellent coder, musician and gfx artist or two, recruiting got a lot easier.

But, as a rule, we'd only recruit people who we got on with very well. The only problems we had came when we didn't.

Of course, once you've got the members you need to get them talking! One of the things I think we were really good at in Anthrox.

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