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Guys.. please......

Back in 1992, before the big c strangled themselves..... the 486 was faster than the A4000/040 that came out, remember? People with 486 STILL drooled at our computers because we had the "community spirits" and we dared to be different. Three years later and the Pentium PC's rolled of the shelves.... and they still looked at our inferior (CPU-speedwise) computers and drooled.

What has happened to that? Just because Windows now requires 91278 GHz and 928375 GB Ram to be able to run the OS alone, doesn't mean the "new" amigas can't still be drooled at, by people with 4times RAM, 10time CPU power..... With some good luck, the new Amiga's may very well stun the Redmonds yet again.

(Yes, I'm compulsively optimistic.... but then again, I have my A1200 behind me, in working order as I type :P )
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