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Sorry to anger you andreas , but IMO 7-zip is somewhat related to Aceroms because the site's rom packs are compressed in 7z format, and they tell you to use that util.

But yeah, the Aceroms FTP has been dropping dead on me as well. So much for the fabled grand Amiga vault... I bet Ian's pissed off too. Although I did manage to download the Amiga Kickstart/Workbench/manuals rom pack last weekend... :hooooo

My solution for the time being?

Flock over to EmuChina's IRC channel, #emuchina (on

It actually has a bit more stuff than Aceroms, from some of the sections I've noticed anyway (haven't browsed through the whole area).

The waiting times can be horrendously random (it depends on the queue), but sometimes it's worth it.
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