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Originally Posted by MajicMushroom

The whole Unity thing didn't do good for Ipec Elite, they split up after not getting into the Unity movement. I was blamed for that also, but I have spoken at length with Birdy several times about this and was told Unity was only the straw that broke the camels back - Ipec were on their arse, even if the rest of the scene didn't know it.
Lol - hi guys - sorry for resurrecting this old thread but ive only just seen it. Lol - finger on the pulse as always - Majic - how are you mate? - long long time since ive seen you - im guessing 15 years or so?

Reading everything on here has, as some of you guys have said, made me soooo nostalgic. he he. 18 years old, hot headed, full of sh1t. We all were in those days werent we?. No wonder there were so many inter-group rivalrys and no wonder some of them resulted in blows being swung. Thing is, my passion for demos never went away and im still an avid downloader of party releases like breakpoint and the gathering. It just goes to show at 36 years old, what we had in those days with the "scene" was pretty life shaping and i still love them today.

With regards to Ipec, there were a number of reasons that it went under in 1991. The main reason was that it was always a struggle to put the time and effort needed into pushing the group forward. I remember one demo, where Clarky did the code, I did the Gfx and Jon did the music, just 3 members of the group. I remember we all had girlfriends (as you do at 18) but some girlfriends were more understanding than others and let us p1ss about on our amigas more. The other balls up was instigated by myself as the manager (god that sounds so self important now - lol). I thought it would be a good idea to form a co-op with Relay , a relatively unknown group at the time whom most of Ipec had become good friends and drinking buddies with. On the face of it, we should have stayed on our own. Then i had the other drama of Drokk and Anarchy getting a bit of a sad on with me for releasing one of their pre-alpha demos on my Swamp Donkey packs. Long story , suffice to say in my defence your honour, i had been given permission to release by the coder. lol. This all sounds pathetic now, but bringing back memories as i type this.

I left the scene in 1991 after that almighty copy party in Sheffield (was it digital or anarchy?) - cant remember. If you remember Majic - i joined the army. Im still - 16 years later. Dont think many of Ipec Elite would have believed that then!. Clarky is doing well and still in the games industry (last time I spoke to him about 6 months back) - im off to download some more majic packs and reminis

Sorry to go on, but im getting on a bit now, you know how it is
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