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a case (no pun intended) of way to little..... way too late.... infact not at all.... how can you declare that "we have a product.... in a year from now!" please.... its so sad its not even funny....

if only half of this time was used in making an x86 compatible system (instead of ppc *pointless propriety chipset* LOL) we could of all had an option to run an amiga OS by now... and they would of made money instead of lawsuits! and hot air with vapourware companys!

bah.... : all you ever wanted, never to be delivered!

what sickens me is that i can buy a laptop with more power / games and productivity and still get change compaired to that some what overpriced ppc junk... i mean.... 500 bucks for a PCI graphics solution!?!?!??! get the f*ck outa here fucktards!!!!!
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