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This one's quite intriguing:

27. Although Amiga anticipated that Hyperion would outsource some of the work on the development of OS 4.0. I came to learn that virtually all of the development was done by independent contractors. I also later discovered that when Hyperion entered into contracts with third parties for the development of OS 4.0, the contracts failed to ensure that clear intellectual property "title" to OS 4.0 could be transferred to Amiga under the Agreement, granting Amiga the right to purchase the source code along with all intellectual property rights to the source code of OS 4.0. Finally, I later discovered that at least one of Hyperion's contracts with third party developers set forth a work schedule that, if completed, would produce a product outside the limited scope of Hyperion's license.
It seems that Ainc accuses Hyperion of planning to release its "own" OS together with third party programmers using the source code acquired from Amiga that would break away from the limiting license.

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