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Originally Posted by Ultron
Why would I, or anyone, get slow, brutally overpriced, hardware so i can play ports of games i already played on a PC half a decade ago and have no interest in playing again, only slower.
You wouldn't unless you've got too much money and like the geek factor......and looking at Ebay there is no shortage of ppl out there that do

Most of the PPC apps are ports too. And even then, not even remotely the applications that deliver a competitive, or acceptable for that matter, performance in 2007.
This I wouldn't be so sure about. Apps are the only real benefit of having a PPC card on the Amiga. How apps made for AmigaOne run on classic Amigas under OS4 will be interesting, though, given the difference in speed between 603/604 and G3/G4 CPUs.

I've got the hardware (A4000 + PPC) and I doubt OS4 will be hugely expensive, so I'll give it a whirl. If it is anywhere near as responsive as it is on an AmigaOne, then I'll be happy enough.
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