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Originally posted by Burseg
I advise you do try Umut Tarlalari. A cracked version exists on Aceroms but there seems to be a problem about that anyway maybe you can run it. I can't seem to run it but I'll post a screenshot of the title screen.It's a farm simulation and very good for an AMOS game. There was never a computer gaming industry here so all major projects are semi-amateur.

My intention was not to post only my local stuff, but anything that is rare, so here is another one. It doesn't exist on tosec. At least not with that name. I believe someone else does have it however. This game has surprisingly good graphics.

Name: Caverns of Pallé
Author: Kyle Hodgetts
Disks: It says this is a single disked/trained version.
Protection: None (PD?)
Language: English
This game (Caverns of Pallé) is merely the arcade game Black Tiger ,which was converted to the Amiga, with the graphics ripped out and a few colours changed.

That's why the graphics are surprisingly good.

I love Black Tiger, used to play the arcade and finished it in my local computer store when I was 13. Here is a screen:

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