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Hey all you top-down driving fans... I notice on these boards that there's a lot of you out there and there's always a debate about which game was the best. Nitro. Skidmarks. Micromachines. They all get a mention and they're all great.

Supercars II though - to me it's the best all-round game because it's not just driving skill, it's weapons skill, trading skill in the upgrades shop... and the communications screens which are great for a laugh (some of the possible answers you can give to those interviewers LOL)

Anyway - as you might surmise, I've been playing this game a bit, lately, and I was wondering... on the communications screens, does anybody know the answers that one is supposed to give to the interviewers in order to get the most money, or be fined the least money? I can get through the Highway Code test every time, but it's rare that I can get through the Environmental b!tch and I've only ever cleared the policeman once! There's also the executor of Great Uncle's will, and a newspaper kid looking for a scoop, where you can get more money.

For example:
"How did your great uncle die?"
a) Some lunatic missiled his car...
b) A heart attack when he found out I was in the will!
c) I don't know, the police have got it wrong!

The correct answer is B...

There are loads more... can anyone remember them, or does anyone know of a definitive list in an old Amiga mag somewhere? I've nver got a maximum reward from the newspaper kid or the will!
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