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Ok i sent this message

Hi There

I and many other Amiga users would like to be able to play a full DIVX/Xvid movie on our systems. Yours is by far the best I have seen to date there are such programs like MooVid etc but they dont quite compare to your work.

The reason I am sending you an email is because I went to your website but was unable to register your fantastic product. With the download from your site it seems it only allows us to play a ten minute video then you get a screen asking us to register. When clicking on the buy button the page cannot be displayed. I know myself and many others from the ever growing Amiga community would like to be able to register or maybe allow the Full program to be available for freeware.

There is a huge website with many talented Amiga users here, you will be suprised at the amount of talent these guys have. Finding games that werent released all the way upto remaking games to support the AGA chipset. Allowing us a way to use your product to its full potential would be great.

Look forward to hearing from you

All the best


I know my grammer sucks, but I really hope the guy who made this will reply, it would be fantastic to be able to buy or have this product as freeware.
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