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Emu Loader is a GUI for MAME (TM), ZiNc, Daphne, AGEMAME and HazeMD emulators.
It is compatible with all versions of Windows. This frontend started as a hobby and a
learning project. When I first discovered MAME back in 1997, I couldn't find a frontend
with everything I wanted.
At the very beginning, it was known as "Mameloader" (between friends), but before I
could release it to the public, another frontend came out first, exactly with this name.
Oops... change of plans! "Visual MAME" / "fxMAME" / "guiMAME" /
"Arcade PC - MAME Frontend." ??? None of those names came to life, heh. With the help of
"Chen Yu-hau" from Taipei/Taiwan, Emu Loader slowly became popular. But now it has become
something much bigger and well known in the emulation scene. I got help from others too of course,
but if it wasn't from Chen's initial help, the development would have been terminated.
Thank you all!

WARNING: DOS MAME and MAME32 are not supported by the frontend!
I'm using it with Mame32 Plus! and it works fine. You can load a Overlay PNG for your desired filter effect.

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