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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002
That wasn´t a good answer at all to DDNI´s questions. What do you mean by not reading the review? Is the game as bad as it´s reviewed or do you think otherwise? What do YOU AndreasM personally think of the game (quality, gameplay etc.)?

EAB:ers, post your thoughts about the game please , i would like to know any opinions.
DDNI ask me for response the review. but i never read the review. i dont have here the total amiga 25 and i hear today the first time that TA release a review from Desert Racing.

I dont like racing game. i play DR a long time ago. i play DR inj the betatime and dont have any problems with the gameplay.

the gfx are voxel. not everybody like voxel. example i dont like voxelgfx.

but example. we become emails that the game crashed. but not one email that anyone have a problem with the gameplay. when nobody say it us, why we change anything?
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