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Oh noes!
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yea, pretty much spot on.
My favorite example is how Nintendo had to change the names of the players for old games on virtual console. EA has the NFL license. It's a frikkin retro game released 20 years ago.

We all love the "kick start" licensing stuff as well... that's not even starting on what the art and music copyright might be on some games. A lot of the stuff was probably just 2-3 friends so no one bothered with limited licensing.

"If the copywright holder, being a corperate / business entity no longer exists (and copywright is non-transfered) works fall into the public domain."

I didn't about this one, wouldn't this be the case of a couple of amiga games? I know Sony owns/uses psygnosis stuff but I'm thinking battlesquadron ie companies used just for the publishing at that time (self publishing?)
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