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how did you know know that? ahhh.... the doctor told you from last time.... sorry dude....

indeed, there is no leagal definition of abandonware, there is however Public Domain , this comprises of everything from music to movies to even amiga games. Software (unless classified official secrets / munitions *such like cyphers) has only a 50year copywright (its +75 after death of authors/musicians) there are other exceptions.

1. If software is placed in whole or in part of the public domain by the original copywright holder. (this cannot be removed after they have placed it there)

2. If the copywright holder, being a corperate / business entity no longer exists (and copywright is non-transfered) works fall into the public domain.

there are many forms of copywright, dont get this confused with patent law as this is a f*cking minefiled! these can range (depending on patent applied) from 10 - 25 to even 50 or more years.

thats pretty much the jist of the UK law upon the subject. currently the music industry is trying to push (lobby / payfor) amendments through the european / uk copywright law to have the 75 year barrier moved to 100 years... ( i think they make enough f*cking money on shit anyway!)

I understand Methodgit's frustration at seeing money hungry company's claw away with rekless abandon it seems the sceen we all love!

I want to know WHO owns os 3.x and bellow.... I want to know WHO owns the KS Roms...

I want to know whoms pocket this money goes into....
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