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Edit: while writing my reply I've seen that thor has written something similar...

Originally Posted by S. Campbell
But people aren't moaning that they run badly
Really, I see it all the time on MAME forums

Originally Posted by S. Campbell
they're moaning that the MAME team are spending huge slices of time on completely pointless work emulating hardware that won't be playable on a home PC for a decade
I do understand the point you are making...

Ok, you may think that some directions taken by the MAMEDev team are completely pointless but obviously they don't. At the end of the day it's their project so they can do whatever they choose to do with it... These pointless areas that you refer to may be an area which interests a specific MAMEDev or he / she doesn't have knowledge in the areas that most users deem important...

I for one would really love to see Raiden II and Raiden DX emulated but unfortunately nobody can fully crack the encryption as yet. This doesn't mean that they haven't been trying damn hard though but obviously it's no simple task

Originally Posted by S. Campbell
instead of fixing all the stuff they've broken and taken out just to piss off the people who actually use the program.
I highly doubt they do it to "piss off the people who actually use the program". MAME is an absolutely massive project, one can only start to imagine how hard it is to make sure 6500+ games still work after changes / improvements to the emulator / core systems have taken place...

Do you ever visit the MAME Testers forum and give bug reports?

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