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Originally Posted by MethodGit
and having people redo their entire config setup for each game again due to the switch to XML.
This happened when v0.100 came out...

To be honest out of the 5778 games available at the time of v0.100 I did have 292 custom v0.99 configurations for use with my HotRodSE as the defaults were not how I remembered them. A very good example off the top of my head is the Mortal Kombat series. Ok, these were a pain to redo them but hey...

I do agree with Duke though, MAME has always been about accuracy and the MAMEDev team continually strives towards this. Look at all the work Aaron Giles has been doing in terms of rewriting the core systems to make things run more efficiently. That's a massive task in itself

What annoys me is when people say that newer games run too slow on their new high spec'd PC. You only have to take a look at what these arcade systems really consist of i.e. massive motherboards, dual processors, graphics cards, custom chips which are all dedicated for only one purpose. Of course they are not going to run on your high spec'd Windows PC, same reason why there are still no successfull PS2 emulators out as yet...

Check out System 16 for some arcade system details
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