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Question Am I the only one who doesn't like AmiKit that much?

Whenever I've tried it, I always find a few things wrong with it:

1) The use of a PC directory filesystem (I tend to believe an HDF is neater and tidier!).

2) It always takes absolutely ages to finish starting up compared to other WB packages.

3) It keeps popping up that annoying Directory Opus nag window everytime you start up, interrupting the aforementioned long boot process in the, erm, process. I don't care for the app yet I'm being asked to register anyway.

4) The whole setup window-wise just seems very confusing, and nothing like the sort of WB setups I'm used to. Where's the archiving program for instance? Why list files in detail columns?

5) It can't even keep your MakeCD registration details forever. Everytime you start the app up you're asked to input your reg info again, even though you did just that several seconds prior. It even states in the readme that there's trouble in storing the info permanently........ if PC directories are used, rather than HDFs.

Granted, eye-candy wise it looks well glamorous, but useability-wise it's about as enjoyable as man's own sliced sausage*.

* Obscure reference that only those who've been reading BBC news around yesterday will get.

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