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Originally posted by Twistin' Ghost
Way thanks...I never knew that command. It appears I am way back on DirectX 6.1a !?! Yikes...I dunno how I have been able to run some of the stuff that I have, as I know they claim to require higher versions. Oh well, I have had the DirectX 8 download for a little while, just haven't bothered installing it. Probably a good idea to go ahead and do so, even though I think I'd rather install v7, but M$ doesn't offer that, so...
You're welcome , also note that you may want to make sure that your sound and video card drivers are up to date. Check out for your video card drivers. They have all the latest BETA/Leaked and WHQ drivers for most of the popular chipsets out there.

One other thing is to make sure you have the latest updates for the OS and of course the mobo chipset as well. If your box has an AGP setup, then having the latest AGP GART driver will help out a lot. Mainly it's bug fixes and performance tweaks.
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