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normallly i wont pick apart a blog, simply because i am no troll.... however something that got posted from the amiga inc website kinda got me a little pissed. i get REALLY f*cked off when f*cktards take credit for others work!

let me show you.

Amiga, Inc. is the world’s premier provider of multimedia enabling technologies.
errr yeah right.... nokia does more! they actualy have a phone!

For almost two decades its award-winning software has been a mainstay for motion picture studios, multimedia creators, and digital entertainment enthusiasts around the world.
This paragraph kinda bite me a little deep, and hence the reply!...

1."For almost two decades... "
WTF? 2 decades.... amiga inc has not been arround for 10 years let alone 20!

2."its award winning software ...."
Ok correctly me if i am wrong but as of yet A-inc have not developed or wrote / released ANY software! (and dont even bother mentioning hyperons OS4!).. so tell me A-Inc what f*cking award winning software??!?

basically these f*cktards claim all kudos from companies like DFX, Impulse, NewTek and a whole generation of modelers and artists.... GRRRRrrrr

User / Investor Warning! A-INC have done NOTHING and claim EVERYTHING!

anyways onto the last bit before i lose it!

Today Amiga builds on this legacy leading the way in multimedia development by providing developers with hardware-independent technologies for writing and porting applications to new platforms and interactive devices. For more information visit
I finally figured out what they mean here....

"providing developers with hardware independent technologies for writing and porting applications..."

they mean making / selling keyboards dont they?!

mind you saying that i could be wrong as it kinda goes agasint thier non-production ethic!
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