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Originally Posted by keropi
I think Jens cleared all the BS with his post...
Actually I think I cleared all the BS with my post

Originally Posted by alexh
Originally Posted by Jens
I don't make promises that I know I can't keep.
That is not strictly true is it?

These promises were made 3 years ago.

Originally Posted by Jens
More flexible read- and write operations
In addition to working on whole tracks, which made all previous Catweasel models so flexible, tracks can now also be partially accessed very precisely. Should this become necessary for compatibility or speed reasons, the Catweasel MK4 is perfectly prepared.
Many people bought the Catweasel MKIV thinking that it would be able to be used to access copy protected original Amiga disks. To date I think the Catweasel MKIV can only perform the same operations as the Catweasel MKIII with regards to accessing copy protected Amiga disks?

Originally Posted by Jens
Dual-ported memory
Contrary to it's predecessors, the new Catweasel MK4 can pass the data that it is currently reading from a disk to the computer while the read access is running. This allows realtime emulation, and error-free function of copy-protected software on emulators.
Buyers also thought that they would be able to use the CW MKIV in conjuction with UAE to access at copy protected and non copy protected Amiga disks. To date I dont think there is enough support to make this a reality, even in the latest driver?

I love your work, you have created amazing hardware for us. I own many of your products and I hope you create many more great products that I go on to buy. But PLEASE get off your soap box.
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