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Just in from, Jens Schönfeld writes:

"Re: New Hardware Designs from ACK Software Controls, Inc. an
Posted on 24-Apr-2007 0:08:00 [ #125 ]

Funny to see that the biggest idiots of the Amiga scene are teaming up. Bill McEwen, who hasn't been able to give any proof of ownership of the classic Amiga OS in the past 20 months, who wanted to send me contracts "by the end of the week" (that was in february), and the guy from Canada who owes me a bunch of money for tooling cost for the 150-pin A1200 CPU slot connectors.

Oh, and what about that money Adam got from my Swedish friend? Did he ever pay that back? I mean, his track record of "hardware development" is to take money in advance and never finish anything, always with the line "I'm just a single person".

Hey, I'm also alone, but I don't make promises that I know I can't keep. I don't go around and cause other people financial damage by talking BS. Sure, it's also my fault, because I made the mistake of believing ACK/Adam.

What was that last time I called him in the office? He picked up the phone, I asked "is that Adam?", he said "no", and I replied "hey, you got exactly the same voice!" and he said "hey, I almost look like him, too" and hung up. Great show, really.

I wrote numerous eMails to Adam, he never replied. I've sent numerous connector samples to him, he never paid any of them. I asked him to return the samples, but he obviously used them for something - maybe to "convince" investors? Is that "working behind the scenes"? Oh yeah, I forgot, this is the Amiga market, where anyone who makes a promise is hyped for years.

This news item has a great entertainment factor. More of that!

Jens Schönfeld"
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