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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver
PS : i have the third version revised of the game, and i will dump it for SPS.
Good news, mate. Chris Mullender, the programmer, posted a comment on Lemon Amiga, two years ago. I don't know exactly what he meant with his last sentence. Has the original game still bugs? Or he assumed that WinUAE caused the problems?

I'm Chris Mullender, one of the authours of Odyssey. I obviously can't comment on the quality of the game itself, but it's very gratifying to see that people still remember it. Reece and I spent ages writing it - it slowly evolved from a sideways scrolling 2-week Mario clone to Odyssey.
I did the programming and Reece did all the art & audio. Has anyone got it to fully work under WinUAE? The player sprites keep corrupting after you transform into the Rock Monster - very sad... I suppose I should debug it really...
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