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Ressurecting an old thread here.

I have spent a lump of money, building up my A1200T. Last night I sat down and asked myself why. Was it to, as discussed above play PPC games? Was it to emulate a Mac? or was it in the vain hope of running the infamous scarlet pimpernel that is Amiga os4?

The answer is truly NO to any of those.

After much thought, the real reason was simply because I could and that I wanted to. 15 years ago, when there was a genuine need and on my part a desire for a powerful Amiga, I couldnt afford one.
Today I still have the desire and now happily the cash to do what I always wanted!

What will I or do I use my shiny old/new PPC GFX Mediated lump of Amiga silicon for?

1. Web
2. Email
3. Wookiechat
4. PPC games
5. WHDLoad
6. Tweaking

All these things could be done on my PC (PPC games are invariably PC ports).


I didnt build my PC, I didnt have to scour umpteen sources to gather up the components for my PC. I cant TWEAK my PC OS like my Amigas. I have no history with my PC.

My Amiga is the one my Dad bought me. It is the one we sat and played Falcon, Mercenary, and Knights of the Sky on. Sad it may be, but it was part of my childhood, part of my life. Today my own son loves Superfrog and the Addams family. When my Dad visits we still sit down and play Turrican together.

Will I stop playing with my Amiga?


I still have my SCSI chain to build and my 060 processor to fit!
Plus dont even mention the still uncharted territory of A4000s!
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