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Hello everyone,

Still waiting for the money from the PayPal account to actually transfer into my Barclays account. Apparently this takes 5 days or so... I'm sure by Monday I will be able to post the cheque

In the meantime I've been in touch with Patricia, Paul's mother and received this lovely reply (of course I asked her if it was ok to post it here):

Originally Posted by Patricia
We are so overwhelmed by the way in which all at EAB were affected by Paul. Thank you all so much - the comments made, the wreath and card (this was beautiful) and now this generous donation!

We have already sent a donation to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and also one to Papworth Hospital from the donations made at Paul's funeral service, but what we would like to do, is to buy something for St. Ives Methodist Church, with a small plaque stating something like 'Donated by EAB in Memory of Paul Goates - 20-8-1980 - 9-3-2007'. This would be a very long lasting memorial. St. Ives Methodist Church played a big part in Paul's life (we are not fanatically religious!). He created a website for them, published weekly notice sheets, taught people how to use the church computer etc (website He was much loved and will be missed by many.

We copied all the comments about Paul, posted on EAB and displayed these at Paul's thanksgiving service after the funeral, and many people read them. Some say that this has restored their faith in humanity - people all across the world coming together. EAB made a great impact! World peace is a possibility!
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