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Connecting Amiga to ADSL

I used to connect my A1200 to a standard dial up 56k connection with a modem but I am losing the line so I thought I would try to connect the Amiga to the BT ADSL line we have... I thought it was going to be a real challenge but with the right kit it was a piece of cake...

I have a Zoom ADSL X4 Modem, gateway, router - it has an ethernet and USB connection.

Plugged the X4 ethernet into my Netgear Hub, plugged the PC into the Hub - configured the software on the PC from the CD, username ect... then plugged a 3Com 3C589D PCMCIA card into my Amiga A1200 - plugged that cable into the Hub - downloaded the driver for it from Aminet (read the readme) , ran and configured Miami DX and well that was pretty much it - I now have the connection from the X4 going straight to the Amiga via the Hub - ok the 3Com card is only 10 speed not 100 but it beats the 56K connection I used to use...

I don`t have to have the PC on either as the Hub does all the work, I'm well pleased...

Question... can the origmiamisslintl.library still be obtained?
I cant find it on the vapor website and I want to install Miamissl...

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