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Hi everyone. New to the board...

I just reinstalled Amithlon a couple of weeks ago (haven't touched the stuff in years)...So far, here's the setup:
motherboard is NForce3 250GB
GForce 6200 (I need to swith this for a supported video card)
160 GB dedicated hard drive (3.1GB System, 100GB Work, 47GB Game)

The AfA antialias fonts break TurboCalc 4 (causes freeze) but works great on all other apps so far. The system will also freeze after a soft-boot and trying to type. I need to resolve that. Watching video from CD using froggerng works, but copying large file from CD (>300 MB) also caused a freeze 1 out of 3 times. I'll see if I can determine if SFS is the culprit. What testing you want to see, I'll try and do it?

I saw SFS 1.70 is out, which is better to use/what's the difference?
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