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I don't believe the Amiga will ever come back as we knew it.

There. I've said it. Yes, I cried a little back then. Alone. That was a long time ago...

But there is something that cannot end. A generation of folk like me grew up with the Amiga. This left a considerable community of people that know the Amiga from the good old days, and that today work, play, use, and live on the Mac, Windows or Linux. Some even still use their real Amigas actively, others emulate them.

And yet, we will never forget the Amiga. We, on this forum, and all other Amigans will never, ever forget the Amiga. Yes, it IS that strong. The Amiga was a mix of wonderfull hardware and software, all ahead of it's time, plus an efeverscent community. It was an attitude. I call it a SPIRIT.

Today, I work all day on a Mac. Sometimes on a Windows box (when I have to), others on Linux. But I never forgot my Amiga, nor it's great community.

So let me tell you what would work. What I believe in. Give us a good, cheap enough, hardware platform, even if a special, custom-made-hardware, one. Enclose it in a nice box. Then make it available for us to buy it online, in Europe and the US. Put AmigaOS4 on it, and bundle a free developer's kit with it. Then sit back and watch as people like me join the new Amiga community and develop for the platform.

Java would bring an enourmous amount of software to the platform, so some people (me included) would start by there. It would be possible to sustain the platform just with us, old Amigans that want the dream to continue in it's new form.

Then Hyperion could concentrate on a new OS5, based on ideias from the Amiverse, MacOS X, NEXT and AmigaOS's simplicity. Maybe even start the ACP, Amiga Community Process, and (like the Java Community Process) let the interested community really shape the platform.

This is my Amiga vision for the future. The Amiga era is over, but a new one can start all over again. Give us the tools and watch us build a great platform!

If it happens, I'll be there. Will you?
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