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oh oh thats my video I did get the thing to appear in the end but was more by accident. The creature and guy would appear but disappear when i moved right -_- I could never get it to work when i was on record though so i gave up.

I would love to find away round that because this was one of my fave games!

EDIT - reads up, oh i will try that Im not all knowing about winuae. I just found out how to get 1200 games to work lol and how to not have black borders round my recordings.

I did complete this game when i was like umm 13?. Tis really not that hard. You can only start on 3 islands that you can complete, The top right, top left and bottom if i remember. These are the islands with the bluebird, the grasshopper and the umm rock one i think. Your aim is to find the main animal crystal thingy for that island. Though each island may have like a secondary crystal that you need to help you get the main one. Like the grasshopper for going over the boxes to reach the spider cystal.

The other islands, except the middle, need a combination of two of the main animal crystals from the starter islands to umm start. The middle needs you to have mostt of the animals from all islands.

Dont remember getting stuck but i did miss out on some animal things because i dont think you need them all to complete. lol i say its not that hard, but most amiga games i come back to i cant complete lvl 1.

OH and that demo walkthrough ownt be of help i think. The demo had its own level not in the main game if i remember. You had to get the lil bluebird in the demo.

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