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Ya' like it Retr0?
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you know say what you want guys.... i am an optomist.

however with at the helm (ie. fleec-you-mossy and co-horts) there is no way anything will be done to bring it back as a viable commercial entity, infact i think in that way the amiga is resigned to its long past fame....


here we all are.... talking about it.... dreaming about even loving top play on it... there's still life in the old girl yet!

If only they would open source 3.x and roms ....... the insurgence of retr0-gamming will claim the holy grail that is AMIGA

*ahem... thinking and drooling of the hand-helds right now...

but seriously for a moment, you might thing theres no comeback, but i argue we are experienceing it now.... just think of this.... all the projects that have opened up, revised and improved over the last 12 months...

Amiga Magazine Rack
AMR Coverdisks
Amiga Games Factory
Game Cover Art
Clone A
Mini Mig

and so much more i havent mentioned...

every time i check these boards i get excited to the fact something new is going to pop up...

if there was a golden age of amiga gaming, then this is the golden age of amiga-retr0ism!

If you emulate and or take it to the real machine... Amiga will be here forever (and thats no cloanto pun)

its in your blood.... your thoughts.... and intruth nearly everything you judge computers today is based on the amiga of the past...

arnt you glad to be amiga users?

i know i am.
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