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Take the rose coloured glasses off, it's not ever going to happen, it's a bit like the second coming of Christ, people want it, but the answer is NO, which part don't you get, the N or the O?

There are those (like me) who fondly reemember the Miggy and I have just bought an A600 and an A1200, with some pimping mods in mind, like adding DVD/CD-RW, USB and such to bring them up to date a bit, but underneath it all, it was bloody 16-bit and we are now in the era of 64-bit computing, PC hardware is so cheap these days there is no market for another platform (unless you are a journalist where the Apple Mac rules).

If even Dell are going the Linux route as well as Vista to hedge their bet, can't you see there is no opening for a new OS? Look what happened to OS2/Warp....face it, Amiga was good at the time, but that was because there was competition between OS's like Atari's STOS, Amiga Workbench, MSX on various machines and early Windows on 086 and 286 PCs. Sinclair Spectrums and Amstrad machines had no GUI environment worth talking about, so they were the first casualties in the OS wars.

I am old skool enough (unfortunately) to have played with most of these systems over the years, so I think I have some idea of what I am talking about.

Get over it, the only thing left is the brand and massively expensive add-ons sold through specialist dealers for obsolete machines, that grey-heads like me like to tinker with.....

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