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Originally Posted by StarEye
Regarding North and South: one player uses the left shift on the Amiga, and the other player uses the right shift, to switch units.

Make sure you place the person with the joystick close to the shift he needs to press.
Thanks ! That seems to work except that my left shift doesn't function properly, you've gotta press it really hard, I don't know why, but this reminds me of the need to get a new keyboard

I guess that there is absolutely no way to remap that key to something else ? I've dabbled a little bit in programming myself. Could it be possible, even in theory, to write a software to remap left shift to USB joystick button 2 or something like that ? I guess that would help many North and South players. I wonder why they never included the option for a two button joystick like in some of the amiga games...

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