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Originally Posted by Shamino
>If it was developed natively for MacOs and you used Windoze, how much would it cost you to buy a Mac?

You would use a Mac emulator of course.
You said you don't want to donwload 15 MB for the JRE, so how would you get the emulator (and the OS)?? Would it be for free? Last but not least, the MacOs you would use in your emulator costs a few hundred bucks...

Moreover, you seem to ignore that the JRE is simply an environment where you can _locally_ run java applications like Supercars and, only if you wish, can _also_ be used with a browser to run Applets. Java is not born as a web technology and the JRE is not comparable to a Flash Plug-In.

To sum it up: Jotd's implementation is free, is portable and performs great on my 7 years old pc.
Can't really see any problem with it!

Except that jotd should move on and port a few more games!
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