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>Java is the most used platform worldwide for Web and Application servers.

Not for games, desktop apps, demos, etc. though.

>If it was developed natively for MacOs and you used Windoze, how much would it cost you to buy a Mac?

You would use a Mac emulator of course.

>Why is installing a JRE insecure?

Same reason as installing eg ActiveX, Flash, etc. are insecure.

>Java is not an intepreted language as it was eg Basic on the C64: the source code is compiled into bytecodes which can be run into a virtual machine or compiled to native code at runtime.

Virtual machine = emulator. "Bytecode" != machine code.

>You didn't get it, I was not referring to the programs written in Java.
What I meant is that the Java platform itself is 100% open source.

So are most languages, eg. C.

>Yes, is rather limited to a few minor OS, like Linux, BSD, Solaris, MacOs, Windows, .... It's not available for C64, though.

UNIX, Mac and Windows, big deal, SDL is available for many more platforms including Amiga.

>But let's forget all this Java talking and go back to your original question. Which language and platform will you suggest to jotd to develop his (amazing ) remakes?

Well, C, for instance. Even PureBasic would probably give better performance, and is available on many platforms.
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