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Shamino, your answer needs a detailed reply....

Originally Posted by Shamino
Java is slow as sludge.
Please bring facts, not just your opinions. Java is the most used platform worldwide for Web and Application servers.
Software like Eclipse is written in Java itself, and is _not_ slow.
For sure, I would never develop Quake 5 with Java, but we're talking about Supercars and Gods here, aren't we? And they run great on any pc I used to play them!

Plus it means downloading an extra 15Mb, and then having a less secure system once it's installed.
If it was developed natively for MacOs and you used Windoze, how much would it cost you to buy a Mac?

Why is installing a JRE insecure?

Why require an interpreter?
Java is not an intepreted language as it was eg Basic on the C64: the source code is compiled into bytecodes which can be run into a virtual machine or compiled to native code at runtime.
And, to answer your question, sw written in java is 100% portable.

Open source, how is that dependent on what language it is written in!? That's like saying Pascal is better than C because you can open source Pascal programs, that just doesn't make sense.
You didn't get it, I was not referring to the programs written in Java.
What I meant is that the Java platform itself is 100% open source. Hope it makes sense to you now.

Most languages support OOP, which is rather overrated IMHO anyway.

No comment here...

Plus, since there is no Java for Amiga the portability of Java programs is thus rather limited.
Yes, is rather limited to a few minor OS, like Linux, BSD, Solaris, MacOs, Windows, .... It's not available for C64, though.

But let's forget all this Java talking and go back to your original question. Which language and platform will you suggest to jotd to develop his (amazing ) remakes?

Honestly, if jotd had not developed his remakes with Java, I would have been happy anyway!
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