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Originally Posted by turrican3
prehaps a big company will need a good OS and he has some choice and the amiga os 4.0 is one of them and if it takes the good, the amiga is back.
All is possible in computers business if a company have money and if this one is anbitious.
I think he can keep the name because the amiga has a good reputation and for the new generation it will be something new.
I don't want to loose the hope but i know so much of you will tell i believe in .

I agree.
Why, the other day i was wondering if japan can still win World War 2.
All they have to do is resurface their old sunken ships, fix them, add new fighter jets, attack Hawaii (America is busy in Iraq) and occupy China by way of Korea (Making an alliance with Zimbabwe can help this). and there you go.
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