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Originally Posted by EmuChicken
Bonanza Bros (2 player rob stuff action!)
This game I remember. Was quite fun with my friends Megadrive. Any ideas where I could locate the amiga version ? I've had no luck so far...

North and South (2 player cartoony war fun!)
This one I know too but we have a problem: in the battle mode with the cannon, horses and soldiers the player who uses the joystick is unable to switch between those three thingies. Seems like only one button in the joystick works and only the player who uses keyboard, has a button for the switch... Any suggestions ? I'm currently using the latest WinUAE and a 4 button USB gamepad as a joystick (wish I still had a real miggy and tac 2 here )

But anyway thanks for all the answers, got a lot of games to try out.
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