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Question Simple two player games ?

Hello everybody, I'm back Was a while away from the forum.

I'd like to find some easy to play two player games to play with people who aren't familiar with videogames like my girlfriend and most of my friends. I cannot understand how they find Rampart too difficult

My girlfriend learned to play Dynablaster but I get bored of it easily, it feels too simple and restricted for me.

In my youth I spent most of my time in solitude and what little time I spent with friends they knew how to play and wanted to play games like Dogs of War etc which my girlfriend hates because theyre "too violent" and she dislikes racing games too and I also have became quite fond of today's 3D accelerated racing games. The only old racing game I play nowadays is Stunts (aka 3D Sports Racing) ...on a PC with the exception of occasional sessions with Stunt Car Racer Amiga version that rocks. I just wish somebody would make a remake of it with better graphics and more fps.

btw. I spent half an hour trying to teach my girlfriend to take off in Dogfight but she never got the hang of it

So can you fellows recommend me some easy to play fun two player games that my simple friends might be able to play ? Some not too violent and not racing games. Something simple and fun to play with friends when having a beer or two (or in this case, several )
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