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Yes, full version requires more diskspace.

ClassicWB Lite is only 27 MB.

To solve disk space problems I recomend you to get CF - IDE (44 pin) conector and a CF card.

I just got 2GB card working (costed me all together less then $40 with new card) and I have another card on the way (4GB). WIth PCMCIA CF reader I will have 4GB hd and another card to transfer files.

If you don't like to upgrade your amiga, then just erase your drive, install ClassicWB Lite or Full (full should work as well) and then games you like. It's collection of the needed tools to do everything with your amiga?! (create ADFs from your floppies or floppies from ADFs, downgrade KS to 1.3, WHDLoad, Web Browser, archiver/unarchiver just to name some )
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