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@RetroMan: did you also notice how the "emu screenshots" on that page extended in size upon clicking but the photo of the computer system didn't? Another giveaway!!!

Another hint is that the colours on that "X-Box DVD drive" appear to be totally wrong. I've seen a picture of the real drive elsewhere and it looks more black and darker and stuff.

The guy who doctored that grab couldn't even add shadows to try and make it look a teensy bit more realistic, but not realistic enough to fool me.

Did you guys know Slashdot mentioned Linar's X-Box emu and initially believed it was REAL??? Cue several tons of replies from visitors to the site and Slashdot change their verdict to "it's not real".

Retrogames mentioned Slashdot's foolishness regarding the subject and advised them to leave the emu news job to the RG crew!

And no, Ian, of course I haven't run it. Found out about the virus stuff before I visited the site.

// Amigaboy - So why did you tell us to visit that site if you knew it had a virus? You didn't even bother warning anyone.

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