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Yeah, he looks like some people just completely ignore the fact that we're talking old games with sub 320x256 resolutions who were played in Arcades, old Monitors and Television.

The vast majority of emulators have them for a reason, particularly the more serious as it pertains to historical archives.

I don't think anyone ever went to a Microsoft Windows Forum or Porn Website complain about the lack of scanlines or RGB triads or TV emulation, so the posting of those subjects is repeated straw-man, it's funny, but it's mere fallacious straw-man.

This shouldn't even be an issue since we're not discussing forcing people to do X or Y, we're discussing people having the choice to select X or Y. More choices is good, and that's why most choose to emulators have them.

Moreover, the funny pictures some people did over the thread are not how scanlines are made, at all, much less how RBG monitor apertures are.
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