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OK then...

There's no need to use the RealAmigaInstall ADF under WinUAE when installing ClassicWB. Simply load the configuration provided in the archive you've downloaded. Add the HDF file in the 'Hard Drives' tab. When you start the emulation you will be promted for a Workbench 3.x disk (so make sure you've got an ADF image of it ready to use). After all the necessary files will have been copied remove the Workbnech ADF and reboot. That's it!

Now if you want to install it on the real Amiga make sure you got an empty bootable partition at least 100Mb in size. Under emulation use lha to pack the SYS: drive and save it to a folder in windows (add another drive in the Hard Drives tab pointing to a folder somewhere on your PC's HD). Now you simply have to transfer the .lha file together with an lhex/lha command to the Amiga and unpack it onto the empty partition (use a CF adapter, CD-RW, etc.).

But the simplest solution would be to mount the hard drive you're using with the real thing in WinUAE and simply copy the files over (when both the HDF with ClassicWB and the HD are listed in the Hard Drives tab).
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