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The magic number of three...

Only three, but these were tough enough to provide lots and lots of excitement for me:

- Lotus I (HARD LEVEL!)
(I've had been playing this game for about 9 (!) years, but I had never got much further than one or two levels before the last one, but then finally, in 1998, I managed to complete the LAST level! Whew...)

- Ultima IV (in 1990, after about 5 weeks of hard work)
Yes, I said "in 1990". That guarantees: NO CHEATING! There were no Internet search engines to get hints, and so I was absolutely on my own! I figured out the secret Guilds, hidden places by asking all and sundry (the characters in the game, not those in real life, doh! ) and spells! (just by trying mixtures of herbs over and over)
The result: 17 pages of stapled, type written paper with infos, infos, infos...and the best of it all: a successfully finished game!
One small thing I remember is that I didn't find out this magical thing that made your ship invulnerable (or just a little more robust?!) against the pirates' attackz. <grin>
It was TOUGH without this useful item, but I did make it anyway...
Hey, and I LOVED those messages:
The Abyss by itself took about 1.5 weeks until I got everything I needed.

- Twinworld (the easiest of all three).
Medium level. Twinworld offers a LOT of energy potions, making sure that you never run out of energy unless you're a complete dunce...

That's it

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