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17 Bit CDTV Collection on two Cd's

Ive managed to get my paws on the very first CDTV collection from 17 bit (which came on two cds)

Blurb from the box.....

17 Bit Collection (2 Cd Set) for Amiga CDTV
Copyright 1993 Almathera

The most comprehensive collection of quality Amiga public domain and shareware on two Cds. Over 1000Mb of data in all.

These CD's give you a wide rage of Games, Animations, Demos, Graphics, IFF Artwork, Music Modules, Sound Samples, Clip-Art Games, Utilities, Home Finance, Applications and Utilities. Also included are demos from top grous worldwide such as LSD, Anarchy, Phenomena, Red Sector, Silents, Alcatraz, Crusaders, rebes, Melon Designs - and many others.

IMPORTANT: This product requires floppy drive.

-= Cd 1 - The Early Classics =-
-= Cd 2 - The Latest Batch =-

Ive put a list of files that are on the cds in the zone...
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